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Navigating Cultural Appropriation, Appreciation, and Misrepresentation in Film and TV
The DPP dives in: The significant conversation of cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation.
The Art of Location Scouting in the Entertainment Industry
Location scouts set the scene - literally! We explore the details of this filmmaking step.
5 Alternative Film Industry Hubs Beyond LA
Living in LA might seem like the only way to make it, but these other cities may also serve you well
Entertainment Industry Role Quiz
This short quiz will help you figure out which career paths in the film industry best suit you!
The Rise of Deep Fakes in Digital Media and Film
The deep fake revolution will be televised - and it might pose danger to creators everywhere.
The Rise of AI: Can Big Studios Replace Writers?
Big film studios have mentioned AI replacing writers - but what consequences could come of this?
The Crucial Role of Audio and Music in Film Creation
Film scores and soundtracks - why are these so important to a film? Let's talk about it!
The Art of Costume Design in Film and TV: Crafting Characters Through Wardrobe
The all-important Costume Designer process - it's more than just putting cute outfits together!