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We break down barriers so creatives can focus on what matters – working together to create a global film community.

Recognizing that the world is rapidly changing, we can envision a future that within five years transforms how we experience the world around us as automation, technology, and visual communication dominate every aspect of our lives.

With the future in mind, the Diversity Production Pro is reimagining media and film programs as more than electives or hobbies, that allow visual illiteracy to slowly deepen and widen economic barriers. Recognizing that literacy is multimodal, we are equipping communities with the tools to engage in a global conversation empowering them to amplify their unique voice and perspectives.

An NFT Marketplace to revolutionize the film market, funding, and distribution.

One of the big challenges that media companies have had over the years is that they never had a direct relationship with their customer. That really is the entire ethos of the creator economy, that direct connection between creator and fan. The DPP is game-changing by providing a direct relationship between creator and consumer radically changing the notion of membership communities with blockchain. By layering in NFT and blockchain technology, membership isn’t just this thing you signed up for but it’s also an asset that you can own, which is really exciting.

From our partners …,

“Diversity Production Pro is exactly what AME educators in California have been looking for.  By offering online courses and certifications directly connected to entertainment industry careers, DPP will help teachers better prepare their students for work in film and television. Robyn Charles’ willingness to create free and public safety training modules to support the certification needs in CA public schools demonstrates her commitment to equity and access.”


Allison Frenzel

Programs Specialist | Secondary Arts

Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) Sector

California Department of Education



Creating access, equity and inclusion so that each person
can develop their unique voice as well as create
their space in the larger film industry.


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